Innersanctum Holdings Inc.

Our Methodology

Innersanctum Holdings Inc. is an operating entity formed and managed by Jim and Meagan Thompson. Innersanctum is part investment and strategy company, and part hands-on technology consultancy, with operations in Florida and the Pacific Northwest. We work with organizations to develop leading-edge technology solutions and effective marketing strategies across a broad array of categories. We specialize in products and services as diverse as financial systems, genetics, life sciences, healthcare, nutrition and consumer goods.

Helping our partners generate and manage demand for their products and services typically involves creating innovative cloud and mobile solutions with a focus on user experience, conversion design, and best-in-class technology infrastructure. We have also develop software applications which extend existing sales, marketing and commerce platforms.

Our Partners

Jim Thompson (@jimpdx) was the Founder, Chief technology Officer and presently Product Evangelist of GreatVines - a leading provider of Sales Execution Management, Trade Marketing and Mobile Solutions for Beverage Suppliers and Distributors. GreatVines was acquired by Andavi Solutions and Endeavour Capital in 2021.

Prior to Greatvines, and under the consultancy Rogue IT we designed, developed and deployed CRM and commerce software for the Salesforce platform, including Chargent Payment Processing which was acquired by AppFrontier, LLC in 2013.

Meagan Thompson was the Founder and President of DNA Identifiers, a business focused on DNA Paternity Testing, Family Relationships, Forensics and US Visa Immigration testing. DNA Identifiers was a registered agent for multiple AABB-accredited laboratories and could coordinate collection services throughout the United States. Through partnerships in Southeastern United States, DNA Identifiers continues to operate in a few select markets, and ceased operations under Meagan's leadership in 2014. Meagan is now a certified Massage Therapist and is in the process of opening MLT Massage.

DNA Identifiers was also a reseller and distributor of the first non-veterinary no-blood Dog DNA testing kit to determine breed composition solely through Canine DNA, in addition to manage a network of online affiliate and partner relationships. was acquired by DDC Diagnostics Center in 2014.

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